Jesus Barcamp 2010 Information about the conference (english)

9.10 May 2010
Association of Internet evangelists is arranging the first Christian Non-conference in a barcamp (read what it is) format for Russia and most CIS countries. Internet Evangelism School II will also take place because last year all participants liked it very much.
The main difference of the Conference from the other activities which took place in past, is that we mostly talk about Web 2.0 (blogs, podcasts, online videos, groups in social networks) in the life of the church. And we will also tell you about the marketing tools which will help you to deliver a message to many people.
We will organize and conduct the first Christian workshop for creators of Web 2.0 projects. We would like to invite famous people who have large projects in the Internet. They will be able to share their experience, and any member may declare his theme for the competition. People from Russia, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Greece have already registered. The largest Christian media in Russia, Latvia and Ukraine will tell about the conference.
How can church use the Internet for preaching the Gospel!
How can I expand my ministry and start a mission in other countries without leaving home!
How can we reach tens of thousands and even millions of people with the Gospel in the Internet!
How to create your own Internet radio station, or even online TV!
What should be a strategy of the church in the 21 century!
How to reduce expenses on travel and education of ministers for a month!
How to organize a Christian distance learning from your church to church members, ministers etc.!
We look forward to seeing you at the conference in a beautiful building of St. Petersburg Christian University.
Within two days the most powerful internet-ministers of the CIS and Europe will share secrets of successful service with the participants of the conference. Do not miss it! This is entirely EXCLUSIVE conference, called barcamp, because you also can make a speach, if you have a Christian internet project or a successful group in the social network!

Hello all,

We want to invite you and your friends to the Conference "School of internet evangelism".

It will be on 7 november from 14.00 - 19.00 (only one day)
address: Liteiniy pr 44A in the Salvation Army Church

No fee. But we suggest to make a donation after the conference.

Coffee breaks and snake is included . Any additional food you can bring or buy near the place.

We are going to talk about blogging (SEO, how to write good blog, how to use blog in christian ministry etc), social networks (how to use social networks in christian ministry), online-marketing , etc

Speakers: Pavel Levushkan (Latvia), Denis Markov (Moscow), Grigoriy Gabdiev (S.-Peteresburg), Daniel Chersunov (S.-Petersburg)

We invite all christians in Saint-Pete and other cities and countries.
We are going to have online trainings after the conference (through Skype, by e-mails, other ways)

For details visit our web-site (on russian):



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